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Traffic Scrape

modified toy keyboards, traffic safety barriers, warning lights, raspberry pi with internet connection running a python script, hidden speakers  

Traffic Scrape was a work made for the Toonzaal (Bureau Europa, Maastricht); a temporary exhibition space located in the old industrial part of the city that is undergoing a big renovation. Apart from the transformation of all the industrial buildings, also the infrastructure is getting a large scale renewal to be able to cope with the increasing amount of traffic in and around the city.
The work reacts to this situation with five flashing barricade lights mounted on safety barriers, visually extending the row of safety barriers next to the street outside. The flashes of each light trigger a specific note in an electronic keyboard. Another keyboard in the space is playing notes at increasing or decreasing pitches which are aligned with the amount of traffic in the Netherlands. The traffic information is being downloaded and translated live constantly. The sound that is produced can be heard from the street outside.